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Bonnell – Bonnell springs Normal – Bonnell are part of classical spring systems for upholstered furniture and mattresses. Thanks to their universality they are within the range of middle prices. They are produced from wire with diameter of 2.0 - 2.5mm; therefore it is possible to make the right choice according to customer’s needs. Normal - Bonnell springs are manufactured by Chrupex company in standard heights of 9-14cm, in 4-and 5-coil system. Implementation of a steel frame at the upper edge, guarantees a much better durability and stability of product edges.

Materials used:
Steel wire, class B (1750 - 1950 N/mm), phosphorylated
Spiral wire, class B (1800 - 2000 N/mm), phosphorylated
Steel band, class B (1800 - 2000 N/mm2) cold rolled


- classical upholstered furniture with high seat surface
- standard mattresses

Every 5 pieces are fastened into one unit
Rolled in paper wrapping, in sets consisting of 10-50 units, by means of compressing (in case of rolled packaging up to the height 13 cm only).





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