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Chrupex company was established in 1989.

Since then we have been working continuously under the same name and the same address.
In 2001 we started production of Bonnell springs.
For the last 3 years we have operated on the market as one of the largest Polish companies in our industrial branch.

At present we plan further expansive development of production.

Our goal is to provide furniture manufacturers with goods they need produced in Polish companies.



bonell zig-zaginės sprężyny meblowe sprężyny ZIG-ZAG federkerne Пружина змейка ressort nosag bloki sprężynowe sprężyny meblowe sprężyny tapicerskie sprężyny typu Zig Zag bonel no-sag clips ressort no-sag arcuri sinusoidale bonnel sprężyny siedziskowe Hullámrugók sinuous springs Mattress spring frames sprężyna falista bonnell Muelle Zig-Zag Muelle ondulado Zig-Zag formatki sprężynowe arcuri pentru mobilier sprężyny faliste bonnell spring unit serpentine springs zigzag veren Прижины змейки Zig-zag spyruoklės Зацепы для пружин vlnovce Vlnité pružiny zig zag veer materace sprężynowe wellenfedern Пружинные блоки bonnell Undulating springs zig zag veren snake springs pružinové kostry nosag rugóvázak s shape springs